1) Get Scuba Certification As You Go

While many people begin diving with us for purely recreational reasons, they often progress quickly into the SSI Specialties program. We plan your adventures so you can gain accreditation with each new skill and dive style learned. As a lifestyle, scuba diving connects divers to a global community which is a big plus for anyone interested in taking the next steps from beginner diver to lifetime enthusiast.

2) Kids and Families Welcome

Toucan Dan's promotes scuba diving lessons for all ages (10+). You will be amazed to see how your kids take to water, their natural curiosity and adventurous spirit is sparked and the activity becomes a life building experience.

4) All Abilities and Levels

Maybe you have wanted to dive your entire life, but are a bit nervous. Not to worry, not only is scuba diving safe and enjoyable, it is a teachable process that puts even the most concerned beginner at ease. Toucan Dan's reputation for safety is second to none.

5) We Know Where to dive

When the time comes for your scheduled scuba dive, Toucan Dan's targets Dive Sites that best meet your needs. Let's face it, not all sites have perfect conditions, we don’t want your experience to be less then ideal. Depending on the time of year we will suggest a dive site that suits you and your wishes.

6) Underwater Skills

It takes diving beginners some instruction and coaching to get used to breathing underwater which is why Toucan Dan's diving lesson curriculum allows for plenty of practice before ever entering the ocean.

7) We don’t stop there!

Whether you are looking for a diving lesson, scuba instructor, dive companion, or guide, Toucan Dan's is available to take your scuba adventure to new depths!

((((((IT'S FUN!))))))